Orangutan and the Hound

This National Geographic video is so wonderful about an orangutan that meets a dog and they become instant friends.

“Humans Are Not the Only Beings with Interspecies Friends.  When Surya, the orangutan, meets a hound dog by the river, the two carry on like long lost friends.  We humans often cannot get along with other humans because the tone of their skin differs from ours.

How much can we learn from these two species, whose love for each other spans across species lines?”

Orangutan and the Hound

I love the huge smile on the orangutan’s face, his unselfishness, and love.  What a wonderful example for us!

Day 56

I have recently been learning a little about dreams.  I believe that they have meaning, and aren’t just a “dumping ground”.  I have really been stuck in the past for the last ?-years, and my dreams definitely show that.  I am grateful that I can look at my dreams and know what I am stuck with so that I can release these issues and move forward in my life.

My friend asked me if I have any idea when my panic attacks started, because they don’t remember me being that way years ago.  That has caused me to really reflect back and figure it out.  I have thought about a few experiences, and really one in particular.  I remember having the attacks right after it, but not before.  So I wrote about the experiences, and then took some time to tap on them.  I love that I can do this, and knock all of these walls down to become happy and free again!!  And I am so blessed to have such great friends.

I just got back from a walk (the first since the dog issue two days ago).  I went alone again, and another boxer (different one) came up to me and just sniffed.  Am I a dog magnet?  Maybe they’re attracted to me so that I can get rid of my issues.  Thanks, dogs!  I didn’t freak out this time, just had a little bit of a scared/anxious feeling but it quickly went away, and so did the dog.  There were other dogs that barked at me and came charging at their fence as I walked by, and also had the scared/anxious feeling for a few seconds.  So I just have a little bit more to work on, but it’s almost gone! Life is so awesome that it gives us the things that we need.

This feeling that I have in me, most of the time, is amazing.  I feel so happy and light, and I can deal with things more positively instead of always looking at everything as negative.  My life, and my family’s, would have been so much better if I could have done these things many years ago.  But I’m doing them now, and I’m getting out of the past, so it’s good!

I’ve been having so much fun the last few weeks re-connecting with friends on Facebook and email.  I love all of the support I am getting, and kind words.  It’s such a great, and different, feeling!

One thing that I’m not doing yet is having FUN.  I’m playing more with my kids, and doing Facebook stuff, but I’m not getting out of the house and doing fun things.  I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  I’ve been holed up in the house for years, and have had it in my mind that because I have kids the fun will start when they grow up.  But I know that’s not the case, I am just still stuck.  So, until I figure out what to do, how to do it, and getting the funds to do it all, I’ll just tap on the issue.  Hopefully that will get rid of the blockage. :)

Wow this is a long day for posting!  This will be the last (I think!).  I have been noticing that I am laughing more, and genuinely smiling more, and being more playful.  And my husband and children are definitely happier as well.  I’m actually having fun (oh, I just said above that I still wasn’t having fun.  I didn’t mean to lie :) ) with them – it’s amazing!

Intentional Parenting: Raising Conscious Children that Understand and Use the Laws of Creation

Day 23

I’m almost done reading Happy for No Reason.I used to think that certain people are just born happy, and the rest of us don’t get that privilege and there’s nothing that we can do about it.I’m seeing that it isn’t the case!There are so many things that we can do so that we can be happy for no reason.That is so exciting to me!

I am still making a conscious effort to smile, think positive things, be grateful, not be bugged when things don’t go the way I think they should, and feel positive.It really is amazing how much nicer I am and better I feel!I still am a little impatient, but nowhere near what was normal for me.I’d really love for my knees to stop hurting soon so that I can get dancing and being more physically active.Am I just supposed to believe that they are already healed and let it go?Will that really be the trick?I don’t know, but I think I’ve been trying.And when will my travels start to pick up again?When the money flows in?When will that be?Ok, so I’m being impatient, and I need to think and feel that those things have already happened.

I’ve just watched my Mind Movie again.Ryan Higgins says that you only need to watch it twice a day.But since I think I am a “stubborn” case, I’m watching it at least 3 times, or as much as I can.I LOVE watching it!

I think something that I’m doing is working!Just since last night, I’ve had three “Friends” send me messages on Facebook saying hello and wondering how I am doing. That was absolutely unheard of for me.And two people have asked to be my “Friend” – I’m excited and encouraged!

Tonight I started listening to Carol Tuttle’s cd “Clear Your Debt, Create Harmony & Prosperity with Money” (this cd has been discontinued, but she has Manifesting More Money Bootcamp”).I had listened to several of her cd’s a few years ago, and had read her book “Remembering Wholeness”, but of course I didn’t allow the information to stick in me.I’m going to let it stick now.I will start reading her book again, I remember that I loved it.

Carol Tuttle - Introductory Offer

Manifesting More Money Boot Camp with Carol Tuttle